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About Us

Air King HVAC is a nationwide HVAC service provider with a focus on providing homeowners all over the country with affordable and reliable HVAC solutions to the countless problems which may arise to make your home less comfortable and safe.Learn More


Given the complicated nature of your home's HVAC system, it's easy to imagine just how wide the variety of HVAC services possibilities can be. Our trained, local HVAC contractors are able to perform just about any HVAC service your home may need.Learn More

Coverage Area

Air King HVAC now features professional HVAC contractors in every part of the United States, ensuring that wherever you call home you can find a high quality, reliable HVAC technician ready to help improve your home.Learn More


“Very Satisfied!”  

“The Air King contractors we used were so knowledgeable! They knew exactly what was wrong with our furnace and exactly how to fix it! I’ll be using them again!” - Tom T.

“Really Great Service!”  

“Air King installed a completely new central air conditioning system for me a month ago and helped set up a service schedule to make sure that it stays efficient for the next 10 years!!” - Monica L.

“Best HVAC Service!”  

“Air King solved HVAC problems in every home we've ever had! Every time we work with them we're amazed by the quality of results that we can get!” - Dan G.